Saturday, June 12, 2010

Honu 70.3, Big island, Hawaii

Last Wednesday we flew over to the Big island for the Honu Half Ironman. This is the 4th year I've done this race and was hoping to snag a Kona slot like last year. Well no joy there but Marianne and I had a blast seeing all our friends from the islands and swimming in the ocean again. Our friend Jenny stayed with us in a beautiful condo I stumbled across on the internet.
My Swim and bike went perfectly but my run was a few minutes slow so I missed a championship slot by 6 minutes. No worries. Now I get to try again next year!
We were invited to an after race party hosted by Pac-Velo were I of course ate and drank to much. ( I wasn't drunk! Really!) The next day we went to the coffee shack with John and his family. This place has the best vies of any restaurant I've ever been to. Then, we moved over to the Mauna Kea hotel which is my favorite. I got to do a little paddleboarding and we saw the biggest fish ball I had ever seen. All in all, just a wonderful experience.

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