Monday, July 24, 2006


Went on a hike around piancavalo on Sunday. It was some steep climbing. We sat at the top of the ski run and had lunch then enjoyed getting wet from a rainshower on the way down. It was great being out of the heat for a day.
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Sacile Ospidale closing

Friday was the closing ceremony for the American hospital in Sacile. They built a new hospital on base so all the functions including Marianne's OB clinic moved there. She worked hard putting the ceremony together so I thought the least I could do was attend and get some free food and prossecco. The drinks server was really cute and I know were she lives.
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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Summer on the Patio

Sunday we had friends over for dinner. As I was cutting the backyard to make things look presentable I remembered the blackberry bush in the back. Sure enough, it was loaded. So Marianne whipped up a blackberry/peach pie for dessert that evening. Buon sapore!
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Last Saturday we went to Marianne's favorite restaurant for dinner called Alle Favola. Since my dates are always first class we rode town bikes. It works out well because then we can both drink too much wine and pedal home. We will miss the great food here. Especially the olive pizza.
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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

That evening we set up camp in a glade by the stream. Our tent was an air mattress in the truck bed so Marianne could see the stars. Drank a bunch of prosecco in front of the fire and grilled another kick ass meal. Next morning Marianne and Danielle rode farther up into the mountains while I played with the dogs. Danielle is training for a triathlon so when the girls got back we put on the running shoes and I introduced her to a hard brick workout which is running straight off the bike. All in all a great time except for me forgetting coffee!!
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Sunday Danielle showed us a great place to camp near Claut. We set up the grill and had lunch next to an alpine stream. We even had to do some four wheeling to get there. The water was so cold you couldn't stand in it for more than a minute. But her two boxers loved it. It was nice being away from the heat for a few days. I made a bet with someone that the blue cooler WOULDN'T fall out of the truck. I'm still waiting for my dollar.
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Fourth of July Weekend

Stayed around home on the 4th but we did do some fun stuff. Saturday we took a long ride with our friend Danielle in the mountains North of here. We rode past this beautiful lake called Barcis to a town called Claut and had some coffee and lunch. The route takes you through a tunnel that's almost 5 kilometers long. It can be scary but Marianne and Danielle both did great. They are both riding strong so we kept a good pace all day. Great biking, awesome weather, delicious coffee's, beautiful scenery and gorgeous women. What else could I ask for? Life is sweet!
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