Monday, January 28, 2008

Return to Kunsan

Marianne here:
I had the opportunity to return to my old stomping grounds at Kunsan AB, South Korea. The Medical Group at Kunsan needed a nurse to cover. I volunteered. Funny, I volunteered the first time I was sent to Kunsan also. :) Of course, the worst part was not being with Bryant, but otherwise, it was a blast. As you can see from the pictures, I arrived during the first snow storm of the winter. It had not snowed that much at once in six years. I think I was one of the few people who got out in the snow, right away. Being from Tucson, I thought the snow was fun and exciting, while others were grumbling and complaining. I have a picture here of the Korean GS nurse, Ms. Yi, I shared an office with. She and I became fast friends. We had similar work ethics, and she enjoyed listening to my, "No, you're okay, just gargle with salt water triage technique." :) She spoke of wanting to bring her family to Hawaii. I hope she does while Bryant and I are here. I have included a picture of the Lake I would ride around in Kunsan City. The infastructure has been built up. There was no bridge across, but the little shops are the same. I also included a picture of the bike shop I used for repairs. I was so proud of myself that I remembered how to get there. Overall, I found some things were new about Kunsan, but mostly things had remained unchanged.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Deep Sea fishing

Last Sunday we chartered a boat with two other couples for a day of fishing. I managed to screw up setting the alarm so Marianne and I had 5 minutes to wake up and get out of the house which must have been funny to see. We met the boat at 530 and motored towards the West coast. As we were trolling out to a deep buoy, one of the rigs hooked up and Steve landed a nice Mahimahi. The water was incredibly rough and just standing up was near impossible. It was like riding a bucking horse for 8 hours. Out on the buoy we jigged for shibi which are young yellowfin tuna. We caught 8 of these before leaving the spot for some more trolling. The bad news is the water was so choppy the other two couples were sick pretty much the whole trip. The good news is that Marianne and I didn't sucumb to it. I felt a little queasy once when I was in the cabin making a sandwich so I got back outside as fast as I could. Heading back in we hooked up again and I got to fight this 25 pound tuna. It's amazing how much bigger they seem when your trying to get them in. That night we met a Steve and Marie's place. We fried the mahi in panko bread crumbs, grilled a big piece of ahi and also had sashimi and poke which I love. All in all a great, exhausting day with good eats to finish it off.

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Monday, January 14, 2008

Just me and the cats

Marianne get's back Wednesday and not a moment too soon. The cats are getting tired of just my company. I think they're plotting against me also.
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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

No updates

For some reason I feel guilty for not updating the blog, but with Marianne in Kunsan for two weeks I've been doing nothing but eating,sleeping and training. (and playing Halo) To give you an idea of what I'm doing lately here are my training stat totals from last week.

Swimming: 4.5 hours/ 11,000 meters

Biking: 14.5 hours / 249 miles

Running: 8 hours / 61 miles

Weights: 3.5 hours / 0 miles

Bear in mind these are all structured workouts, I'm not just slogging through miles. I can't seem to keep food in the house and take a lot of naps. Recovery time rocks!

I'm psyched to be carrying this much training load not because I had a big week but because I felt fresh when it was over and this week is shaping up just as good. Now I just have to be careful not to crash and burn in the four more full-on training weeks before IM New Zealand.

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