Monday, April 27, 2009

Paddleboarding , Tandem riding, unexpected cetacean

Saturday night we went to John's 40th B day party which was held as a "funeral" with his last will and testament and eulogy read. Everyone wore black mourning clothes and had a good time ripping on John. Sunday we woke up early AGAIN, and rode down to the North Shore for the Haleiwa metric century ride. We had borrowed our good friends Russ and Shannon's super high speed tandem. This is not your grandfathers bicycle built for two. After a few practice rides we felt we were ready for it. They say it can be a marriage maker or breaker. I'm happy to report we did fine. Marianne had total trust in my bike handling, (poor girl) and was always manning the engine room when I called back for " more power Scotty!" We were able to maintain 25-26 miles an hour on the flats with a few 30mph bursts for the first 30 miles. We decided to take it easy on the way back but still ended up hammering most of the way. This may be our next bike purchase.

So one more thing to report. I get to work this morning and notice it's just a gorgeous day. Sunny and totally calm. So I took the morning off and went paddleboarding once again. I'm about a mile and a half offshore and it's dead quiet when I look out in the main channel about fifty yards away and a WHALE breaches. After checking my pants for shit I watch it dive back under not to be seen again. Unbelievable.
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Kahala Challenge

Another weekend in Paradise and we made the most of it. With my latest hobby of paddleboarding going so well I decided to do a race with it. I entered the Kahala challenge put on by the Lanikai canoe club. It was an 800 meter swim, 5K run and 2 mile paddleboard or stand up paddleboard (SUP) I was doing well until the paddleboard portion were my inexperience was glaring. I came in 12th place, it was a fun time and I learned a lot. Can't wait till next time. Right afterwards we drove over to Hickam Harbor and I took Marianne out with me on a rental.
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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Lanikai Triathlon, Cruise around Diamond head

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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Pictures of our kids!!

Marianne here!!

Bryant keeps on posting all these race pictures and has not put any pictures of our growing Cali, and the love of our life, Kitty. Kitty likes to make us believe she hates Cali with lots of theatrics of hissing and batting at her; however, we always find them together. Cali has turned into a beautiful Calico. Both cats add so much humor and love to our lives.
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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Sunday morning was the Tantalus bicycle hill climb. One of the steeper hills on the island through some awesome rain forest with great views of Honolulu. Really wasn't feeling it once again although I pulled almost the exact time as last year. The road has just been paved so all the times were faster then in the past. I ended up 14 in my category and 28th overall. Sunday afternoon was the final criterium race in a series of 4 at Kaneohea Marine Corps base. These races have been so much fun I'm sorry to see them end. I lucked into a breakaway group of 3 riders in the 1-2-3 catagory race and ended up 5th overall which is my best showing. I even got to test ride a new lightweight bike I'm thinking of buying. So, one weekend, 3 races, and I'm still living in Hawaii. Life is good.

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Full Weekend

Saturday morning was the Ford Island bridge run. This bridge crosses Pearl Harbor over to the old Navy airfield that got plastered in the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. I parked on Hickam and jogged about three miles over to the start. My legs felt pretty busted up from a hard training week but when I was pushing my way up to the starting line I saw a lot of friends and training partners and had fun shooting the bull with everyone so I forgot all about it. The race went well. Not my best time but I gave it all I had. I placed 22 out of 2200. I'm no math genius but I think that's top 1%. ha! I was second in my age group but left before the awards. I heard I won a nice koa wood bowl. I have to see if I can pick it up this week. That afternoon I bought a new paddle for my newest obsession, stand up paddle boarding. I bought one a few weeks ago and love it.
I found a race at the end of April that's a 800 meter swim, 5K run and 2 mile paddle. I'm in!

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