Monday, April 30, 2007

We have been doing a lot of laying around lately. Kitty is displaying a good demonstration of how we lay around. :)
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Gardens, Century rides and Team Time Trial Champions

Geez, a long time since my last post ay? Two weeks ago was the Hawaii State team time trial championships. I rode on a mixed team with Jesse, Kristy and Scott from the HACC. It was so much fun (and painful) and we won the mixed team division. Just as cool was that we placed 5th overall.

This past Saturday Jesse, Kristy and our friend from Italy Roberto, rode around the island. It was the first time I had done it and it went fine. About 106 miles in 6 1/2 hours with a couple stops for water and a coffee. Jesse and I knocked out a fast paced 20 minute run immediately afterwards and I felt great so I know the training is coming along well.

My vegetable garden is really taking off. We've been eating string beans, mixed lettuce, arugula and tomatoes. I'd like to dig up the whole back yard for a garden patch but our landlord probably wouldn't appreciate that.
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Monday, April 09, 2007

Busy weekend

Had a very busy weekend. The weather has been even better than normal. Clear and sunny, cool breezes and warm sunshine. We made the most of it with a long, hard bike ride with the HACC on Saturday morning. This was the first long ride I've done on my tri bike this year and it felt good since I gave it a good tune up and some modifications on Friday. Followed up with a 30 minute transition run, shower, lunch, nap and then wetnt to see the movie "Shooter" that evening. It was typical hollywood action flick. It even had the "walking away in slow motion from a huge explosion" scene. Boring! This is the movie I can't wait to see. Marianne doesn't enjoy Quentin Tarintino films so I'm going to a matinee some day this week.

Easter Sunday we woke up really early again and loaded up the kayak and bikes for a total body workout kind of day. First we met Jesse and Kristy over on Kaneohea bay for a paddle to Coconut Island. This island sits in the middle of the bay and was used in the credits for the Gilligans Island show. Next we went to one of the shallow sand bars in the bay were Jesse decided it would be easier if Kristy just got out and pulled the boat. The paddle back into the wind was alot tougher. Stopped at a Zippys for lunch which is our favorite spot to eat here. Then Marianne and I drove back over to Hickam for a 90 minute bike ride to Ford island and then a 11 mile run for me. Whew! We were in bed by 8:30 that night.
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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Tantalus TT

Haven't posted for awhile because of a lack of anything worth putting up combined with forgetting the camera lately. Marianne just returned from an all expense paid trip to Las Vegas under the guise of some kind of "medical conference" Her friend and coworker Lisa who is now in San Antonio flew in to visit her and they had a great time. They went to the Circ de Soleil and sampled some of sin city's nightlife.

I've just been training, eating and sleeping the last week and a half. I did do the Tantalus hillclimb time trial last Sunday with the HACC. It's a timed 4.5 mile steep climb above Honolulu. I trained through it and still did fairly well with a 16th place overall and 3rd place in the old guy category. Our friends Jesse and Kristy both did great. Kristy dominated the womans category coming within 15 seconds of the record and beating my time by 10 seconds. Ouch! Kristy and I had been smack talking the previous week because we knew we're very close in our climbing abilities. She let her legs do the talking on race day. (I'm not worthy!) Jesse also won his category with a 4th place overall. Afterwards we went out for an 80 minute run. They invited me over for dinner that night before I picked up Marianne at the airport so I was well fed when she got in. Thanks guys.

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