Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Life is good

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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Big Island redeux

We had so much fun on the big island we decided to go again last weekend. This time with no bikes, timetables or early mornings. We checked into the Mauna Kea
beach hotel on the Kohala coast. Probably the nicest place we've been in Hawaii. The bay was clean and clear with a riot of fish, turtles and even giant Manta rays. If your ever going there, this is the place to stay. We ate, drank and swam way to much and enjoyed every minute of it.
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Honu Half Ironman

So with little to no training under my belt we flew to the Big island for the Honu Half ironman two weeks ago. I didn't expect any great performance and was hoping it wasn't going to turn into a death march for me. Lo and behold I had a great race, going the same time as last year ( 4:49) with a slightly harder run course. The run was stinking hot like always, but I usually race well in heat while others just cook off. I had made the decision not to do Kona this year but I didn't think I'd REALLY have to make the decision. I stuck to my guns and turned down my slot which is gut wrenching for me. Part of it was just not feeling like having to train up for it this year. Laziness I suppose. It was nice seeing all our friends and training partners. Maybe come over from the mainland next year and do it again?

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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

See all of Oahu in 36 hours

Our friends Aaron and Danielle flew in for the Memorial day weekend. We were excited to do as much as we could while they were here so by the time they left I needed a day just to sleep and recover. Here's some shots of the highlights. And guys, I promise to check the surf report before kayaking and paddle boarding the North shore from now on!
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