Thursday, July 09, 2009

My new hobby. Underwater rock sculpture

Perfect activity for me. Very little thought involved and constant oxygen deprivation.
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Sunday, July 05, 2009

Busy July Fourth so far

Last Wednesday I met my buddy Elisa for our weekly dawn patrol of Hickam harbor. Conditions were perfect and we caught some nice waves for an hour or so.

Thursday was my last day of work at the HPARC. I decided to cut my time there short so I wouldn't have to hurry up and get off the water every morning before work. Now I can just stay out and surf until my arms fall off.
Friday Marianne and I bought some cheap fishing gear and went fishing out of the kayaks with Steve and Marie. It was fun and we both hooked up something big that we never got to the boat. Whatever Steve hooked into drug out all his line and smoked his reel before he lost it. I did land a baby hammerhead shark but I wanted to catch dinner.

Sunday I drove out to Kaena point for a ten mile HURT trail run. After eating popcorn and wine for dinner Friday I didn't expect much but I ran a great race and placed 6th or 7th. I like races that you can just walk up, pay ten bucks and are told that the finish line is to "touch this big rock right here" From there I drove directly over to Sunset beach for the Dahui paddleboard race at 11 oclock. Still haven't figured out how to go fast on my board but had a great experience. It looked like a floating circus when we got into Waimea. Marianne rode her bike down from the house and met me there. It was nice seeing all the different boards like this one made from old 2 liter soda bottles and this other wooden handmade beauty.
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