Monday, November 27, 2006

More Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving/ Camping/Beach

We loaded up the truck like the beverly hillbillys and went camping over the Thanksgiving break. It was fun breaking out all the gear again since we didn't use it much in Italy. We camped at a military recreation area on the East side. I am the master of turkey on the grill. Our friend Cindi brought some good wine and we (I) ate way too much. The next morning was pumpkin pie for breakfast. Mmmm.
We also made good use of our boogie boards while we were there. The waves were perfect and I actually carved a few. Although I was having a blast, eventually I got slammed into the bottom and realized I'm not 25 years old anymore. But that's why they invented motrin.
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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Kayak Kailua

After the farmers market we picked up a kayak from a guy I found on Craigs list. It was a good deal as it already had all the seats, hatches etc with it. We went straight over to Kailua with our friends Jesse and Kristy and gave it it's shakedown cruise. It handled fine on the way out but was a bear to keep pointed straight with the wind at our backs on the way in.
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Monday, November 20, 2006

Farmers market

Sunday Marianne and I got up early and walked to the farmers market in Mililani. It's held every Sunday with local produce and some crafts.
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Our new transportation

Saturday morning I went out riding with the Hickam area cycling club or HACC, for a ride up Kolekole pass and over to the North shore. This pass was one of the routes the Japanese flew through on their way to bomb Pearl harbor.
I enjoy riding with these guys because all we do is constantly attack and try to make each other suffer for the whole ride. After all my steady solo training last year it's a welcome change. I usually finish the ride toasted to a crisp which is the way I like it. I did remember to pull out the camera a few times.
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Friday, November 17, 2006


Here's a nice view of Pearl Harbor I took from the end of our street this morning. This is looking down at the west finger or"loch" of the harbor. Here is the top view We had a nice cloudless day today and the humidity is down.

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Monday, November 13, 2006

New music

Having long ago given up listening to what society's control machines known as radio and television tell me I should enjoy, I've been on a mission to find good music and lo and behold, it is out there. You'll just never hear it without looking hard for it. Here is a band I stumbled across that I like to run to. The only problem is I don't speak German.
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After the shock of learning that living in Italy wasn't like a travel poster, we were ready for the move to Hawaii. Oahu is the most urbanized island with the biggest city of Honolulu. It has the same problems most large citys have, number one being traffic. This is compounded by the geography of the island. By sheer dumb luck we picked a town to live in that has easy access to the North shore which has the best riding (and surfing) from what I've seen. We've been riding with a club on base and last Friday we went to the punchbowl, which is a veterans memorial cemetery inside the crator of an extinct volcano.
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Hawaii living.

A friend of ours wrote and asked about some blogging from Hawaii. As in why I haven't posted anything from here in 6 weeks. My only excuse is that since retiring I have become a master of puttering around getting not much accomplished. Also, we have been out and about but always seem to forget the camera. Another problem is Buz introduced me to youtube which is the ultimate time waster. Thanks man. So check out this video I posted of Tyson skateboarding around 2001.
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Friday, November 03, 2006

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Having dove and snorkeled quite a few places this was by far the best coral I've seen. I've read that Fiji is good also but now that country's goverment is a little shakey. I am not an adventure tourist.
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French Polynesia snorkeling

Well here is were I eat some crow. After slamming disposable underwater cameras my Sister sent me these photo's from 2 camera's that we bought in Bora Bora. Even though they don't do justice to how amazing it really was, you get the idea.
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