Sunday, September 20, 2009

A visit from Tyson

My son came out for a visit last week before we pull chocks here. Since he only had a few days we packed a lot in. We caught some ahi on a deep sea fishing trip, surfed our stand up paddleboards, and visited the Lyon arboretum in Manoa.

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Vacaville, Visit with the Kimseys

After the wedding we flew to California to do a little recon on the area we're going to be living in. We weren't successful in our efforts to buy a house while we were there but did get a good feel for the town and area we want to buy in. Before coming back to Oahu we stayed with our friends Scott and Debi outside San Francisco. It was nice seeing them again and we plan on getting together for some tri training when we get settled in Vacaville.

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